What To Do With Blue

The Roy B Giv search continues with our hosts,  Jennifer Coyne Qudeen and Julie B. Booth.  This month, BLUE is at the top of the color heap.   This month I present useful applications for this color, favored for it’s calming nature.  (All work by poster) Success!
Dye with it. the next day...
Weave with it.

IMG_1925 Stitch with it. IMG_1974 Photograph it.Savannah Holiday LIghts

Paint with it. 2011-01-24 18.20.21 And paint some more. portrait13 What to do with blue?   Dye, paint, warp and weft,  pixels and paint.  Blue all over the place?
To quote a wise one:  “The strongest rope is comprised of many strands.”
What to do with blue…


6 thoughts on “What To Do With Blue

  1. Hi Roxanne- I seem to have missed your blue post. So I just updated my post to include yours. Love your creativity…makes me want to ponder my own blues!-Julie

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