Panning for Gold Part 1

The search for Roy G Biv is off the wheel and on to some delicious colors.  This month it’s GOLD and gold conjures metaphors of richness and treasure.


Treasure is relative to who is searching.



Another month of searching for Roy G Biv is upon us with our hosts,  Jennifer Coyne Qudeen and Julie B. Booth.  And Spring is upon us when we start to see GREEN.  It’s also my favorite color in all it’s “ishes.”  I especially like that acidy tone that veers toward yellow on  color wheel.  But I present here a wide area of greenish things from around town and around the house.

Wall green

Green Window w plant

Wheel green

Green Wheels Crop

Pug green

Pugs 3

Vintage green


Journal Green

journal green

Eco green


Collection green


Kitchy green

“The eye experiences a distinctly grateful impression from this colour. If the two elementary colours are mixed in perfect equality so that neither predominates, the eye and the mind repose on the result of this junction as upon a simple colour. The beholder has neither the wish nor the power to imagine a state beyond it. ”   Goethe