“The answer is always yes.”
Sandra Brownlee

photo studio

I took a shot.
One shot
among many
that flashed

I took a shot
a year
like a flash
still crisp in memory.

I took a shot
and in a flash
I remembered something.
“The answer
is always yes.”



When we went to take down the chuppah on Tuesday, this week’s party planner was measuring the aisle for the bridal runner.  She asked us if we are the florists!

Well maybe…

We gathered milk glass for six months at least.

We had the air conditioning way down to keep the flowers happy.

Shara and Sara ready to make bouquets
Assembly line bouquets
Pam led the troops on centerpieces.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible. Pam, Jen, Rachel, Mandy, Sara, Dayna, Ally and Shara…