Iceland: From the Inside

Red Landscape

It’s difficult to express the curious beauty of a place in six or seven photos.
I took over 500, some of which have since been deleted, mostly because waiting for a geyser to express itself in grand volume or focusing perfectly on a puffin in flight takes a few failed megapixels.   Pictures are mainly a memory stimulator, never truly giving us, again, the sense of awe we experienced when present in a place.  That’s why travel is so special, especially to places where nature is the focus.  It downsizes the ego and lifts the spirit.

And there are all the photos I didn’t take.  Stopping to appreciate one thing as another vanishes.

It’s difficult to express the way travel changes you by describing a place in six or seven sentences, six or seven times when people ask about your trip.  The weather was good,  the people are generous,  the glacier or the waterfall or the cloud shapes in the wide sky are dramatic.   Or the art, or the air or the light.    Same as the pictures really.

But I’ll try.

Harpa Interior

Girls Coloring Museum

Hallgrimskirkja Interior

hex windows

Docent Kjarvalsstadir

S Rail

Dreamer 2

The girls 2


2 thoughts on “Iceland: From the Inside

  1. Travel is amazing and no picture can conjure the full experience. The Grand Canyon was like that for me. It changed and moved me beyond words and photographs. I have wasted many pictures trying to capture the sea in its majesty. Your photographs are lovely.

    1. Hi Nana Cathy,
      It’s so true. No matter how many hundred I’ve taken, the mystery was more captured in the people and their expressions than anything else. The young lady in the reflection of the bus window is a particular example of the joy of childhood fantasy and friendship – a beauty beyond the landscape I was fortunate to witness.

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