Orange Matters

We are moving along the color wheel, once again with Jennifer Coyne Qudeen and  Julie B. Booth :: this month, ORANGE.  So look left-ish, around 10 o’clock  for the color of the month, with a peek at what lies ahead for the coming months.

What colors do with each other
look left


I have always been attracted to color and orange is one of my favorites.   This is a piece I finished in 2002, before orange had thoroughly returned to it’s 70’s popularity.

kimono art qult
kimono art qult

Artists use orange to attract attention or make a point.

What a paradox; he's amazingly disciplined!

Nature has it down pat.


Orange hangs with other orange.

fiber exhibit yafo, israel
fiber exhibit yafo, israel

Sew orange.


Ride orange.


Shuk orange

shuk fruit

Read? orange.

shuk little building crop

Rust orange.

yafo door rust

Night orange.

caesaria, israel
caesaria, israel



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