Week 15: From Farm to Table


2015-01-17 09.46.30

Said dumpster from my favorite sawmill of Week 14’s post.  I love the wabi sabi of its rusty (red) sides and the mystery of what’s inside.  The search for a farm table has continued right back to the sawmill, where we found the perfect mantle board a while back.

2015-01-17 09.47.36

Earlier this week, my table sat at the top of this particular stack. How did we decide?  On any given day, wood for much larger jobs than ours is laid out for review.  We had come across some antique heart pine a couple of months back, when we had popped in.  The project seemed dreamy but daunting at the time.  After exhausting our search for the serendipitous thrift shop score,  we returned to this recycled lumber trove to reconsider.

2015-01-17 10.05.23

About a dozen split, knotty, nail-holed beautiful boards were waiting for us.   After doing the math, we needed three full boards from which came the middle and ends of our table.

Daniel cleverly cut around precarious grain and knots to give us the necessary length and width for the table. (the hardest part of the job)  The spray of sawdust and scent of pine sap escaping from the cuts brought tears of emotion.  The wood is alive again.

2015-01-17 10.09.59

And it became this…


so far…


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