Creating in Small Spaces

sewing late sun

Getting creative about organizing is this week’s project.  I’m getting ready to begin life in a smaller house and subsequently a smaller studio.  While I love the concept of less,  less space takes getting used to.  And a serious assessment of what is really necessary.

I am back to sharing space with the rarely-used guest room and it’s queen sized bed.  I envision the bed as my cutting surface, since my sewing cabinet cannot be opened to its maximum when all that remains of floor space in the room are two small alleys.  But I opened  it anyway, (I’ll close it when I have company) experimenting with the space and found it allowed the end of the bed to be my perfect and comfy perch for sewing, with a sea of sewing and cutting area surrounding me.

sewing late sun

I am grateful for the large window and sunny exposure, which heats and lights the space with a view of the side yard.  The neighbors talk about and seem to covet, my sunnier, warmer side of the street.

The closet is packed carefully with tools and materials – what remains after much purging and donating.  It makes one think with tighter reigns – a bit restrictive but not on ideas.  It forces focus on the reality of what I really want to do and make, and what it takes to accomplish this. It took a couple of tries to get it right, but I made space for my wireless printer among the fabric bins, in the closet.  My desk from girlhood, with its treasured scratches and scars is perfect for surfing, stitching, carving stamps.

2014-12-30 14.30.27

2014-12-30 10.58.02

What comes to light is that size doesn’t matter, when what you love surrounds you.

And, a small addendum of a garage serves well as the wet studio.

So, as intro to 2015’s posts, a line-up of dyed bundle experiments, stay tuned.

bundle rolling fls


2 thoughts on “Creating in Small Spaces

    1. Hi Debra,
      The sewing machine is a Designer Diamond by Husqvarna Viking. My table is from Regal, and was designed for this machine.
      It has a lift, so you can change the positions of the machine for sewing, embroidery and storing. I do love it, but it is 60″ long.

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