Making the most of Mistakes and Moving In: Week 7/8

2014-11-21 09.11.30

Quilt 1 of a two-part project has just returned from it’s gentle after-wash.  Hand-dyed color ran serendipitously into the binding.  Learning from this happy accident, I have attached the binding to Quilt 2 in the twin series – but will wash it before I close it up.

Twins Quilt

I decided to replace a section of binding 1 and have determined a solution for the dye debacle.   I just have to get my hands on some carving blocks to make little bird prints in some of the dye bleed.  (still in storage).  Still, there’s something wabi sabi beautiful about the way dye does that.

Got the materials on a “surprise” trip to Savannah this week.  (To be continued…)


The bird/house fabric is one that I designed and is available through Spoonflower.  I had bought a couple of yards of it for a class I taught at “the old shop.”

Nest my fabrics

Meanwhile,  all sorts of home reno has taken precedence in anticipation of our move-in, leaving less time for stitching. I’ve been anticipating this detour from my stitching but there is value beyond the obvious when one spends hours on a tedious, elbow-greasy projects that seems endless – in this case,  stripping wallpaper border.  Mindless in a good way.
Creative daydreaming.

And some quilting work at Granny’s, which makes me feel more at home that ever, is also keeping my hands otherwise busy.  I’m learning how to use the Gammill’s Statler while integrating the freehand work that I love to do.

My mini mavin, Nancy, has shared previews of her latest quilt, which is due to arrive in  South Carolina today.  She’s taken the bride’s duvet as color inspiration and is using a Gwen Marston design.  Her fabric choices are almost always Cherrywood or mine.  The big quilt is now in the queue.  (Quilted images in an upcoming post.)


So busy, but thought I should post before week 9 slips by.



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