Solitude, Poetry and MOOC

I learned a new word/acronym about a week ago.  Leave it to solitude, searching and poem as prayer to lead me to Massive Open Online Course(s) or as the cool folks say “MOOC.”

I have my trusty text to fall back on in moments of serious questioning.  I highlight and post-it anything I think will give me a clue.  Why here?   I’m actually teaching an online course – not massive or open, a humble course  by MOOC standards.  A course to cull creativity, visited by willing and open participants, in search of some creative spark  or direction, I guess, like me.  Threads of Meaning Virtual Workshop is running in Tumblr until the end of November and until we start a new session, as a way to tie my old life to my new. A way to not leave my followers flat in the wake of my life-move.  To stay connected for them and me.  Selfish? Generous?  A personal mission to prove we are all creative if we just know how to trap the thread.

So photos of nature’s poetry, excerpts of familiar poetry, writing my own poetry to capture the adventurous and tenuous essence of my journey and another stumble into a MOOC,  The Art of Poetry.

Robert Pinsky‘s The Art of Poetry is a touchstone-gift in the midst of viral loss and seclusion.  Why not employ the technology and the internet to stay part of a community.  Why not tap the genius of others?  Why not broaden the community in light of the solitary?

So I check into the wonderful resource of edX and The Art of Poetry, the natural world of the Low Country through the eye of my camera, the words found within and beyond, the possibility of unknown wealth unidentified.


Bluffton Joy2 2014-09-22 16.29.10








HH Feather2014-09-24 15.33.04



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