Sumac and Rust

No fireworks, but lots of positive results, after several tries.  I discovered, or really just noticed, a tree in our shop parking lot that looks like some variety of sumac (not poison).  Correct me with a comment if I’m wrong.




Pale color, hoping for red on steamed paper.




But instead, a beautiful orange sumac soup at the bottom of the steam pot.




Pale linen from the first steaming was turned into bundles and dyed again in the sumac juice, turning different shades of  orange.  Small strips of linen were added to soak up every drop of this discovery.  Rust shapes were put on the flat cloth and the juice deepened further.




The small bundles were made from the linen test strips that got some color from the juice.  Then, rose petals, leaves and pods were tightly wrapped into the strips.




Another try at pressing leaves and steaming.  Rust added.



Extra rust pieces are used to weight projects during drying.






2 thoughts on “Sumac and Rust

  1. It may be an Elm leaf? It looks more rounded in shape and has more jagged points around the leaf than Sumac? No matter what kind of leaf it is, I can’t wait to see how it all turns out! 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I looked at elm photos and the leaves I have look just like that. However, all the images for Elms show it growing on a tree and my samples came from a bush-like growth. Still not sure.

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