Once White

We’ve been doing a lot of dyeing at my house these days and collecting of materials for the dyepot.  On most occasions, we enjoy the surprises that plants and metals bring to the cloth when mixed with the dye.   We enjoy using what’s on hand, salt and vinegar, the hard water from the sink.  We spent some time foraging birch tree parts, bark and twigs, after-winter nuts and their pods, steeping, boiling, dyeing cotton, linen and silk with very unexciting results.  Yes we learned a lot, but now it’s time to get serious, surprises aside.   I’ve been making  a silk dress with a linen overlay pretty much by hand.  And I want to know what to expect from my dyeing efforts after all the time spent on this garment.  Lots of it has been done by hand with a running stitch. DSCN2614 DSCN2615 So I’ve sourced some mordants from ProChemical and Dye.  I’m collecting materials for imprinting and studying up on expected results.  I introduced myself to our local flower shop owner, Kathleen of Alice’s Flower Shop.  We set up a pick-up day each week and this Friday I received this lovely, yet expiring hydrangea.  Thank you, Kathleen. DSCN2581 We separated the flowers, leaves and stems, DSCN2603 DSCN2602 gathered some dried materials, stalky and grassy, DSCN2606 DSCN2608 found some exciting metal objects with interesting shape and texture, DSCN2609 mordanted a batch of cloth in soda ash, bundled, dyed and recorded some results. DSCN2611 This is a turmeric solution that we heated.  I used turmeric because the color is rather intense with little effort, a good measure of leaf resist or imprint.  But time will tell.


And the dyeing continues…



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