Kiki’s New Clothes

Kiki Part 3-1

Vintage Hankie
Vintage Hankie

I’ve pressed the hankie into a bi-fold front after measuring it around Kiki’s torso.  It is just shy of fitting her.

I solved the problem by inserting a piece of silk ribbon to make it about an inch larger in circumference.

Kiki Insert Ribbon1I overlapped the adorable scallops, so they would remain a feature of my dress.

Kiki Insert Ribbon2Only the gold will be visible through the front opening.

Pin hankie to ribbon
Pin hankie to ribbon

The rough ends of the ribbons have been folded back to
wrong side.

Topstitch hankie to ribbon.
Topstitch hankie to ribbon.

The stitching is moved to the left, just enough to keep the the scalloped edge free.

Sewing the second scalloped edge to the ribbon is a bit trickier.  Sewing this edge turns the “dress” into a tube and the fabric tends to get in the way of itself.  The best way to handle this is pin the other edge of ribbon to the hankie and then turn the tube inside out.  Sew slowly for more control of the fabric.

Kiki inside out second seam

It’s like sewing inside a bag.  The dark edge is actually the bottom edge of the “dress.”  If this technique proves too difficult, you can sew this side by hand.

Creating the gather.
Creating the gather.

Start by pinning the elastic into place.  I set the end of my elastic at one edge of the ribbon, so that it doesn’t close in the center of the front.

With the elastic in position, set it under the sewing needle.   Make a back-tack stitch to secure before you begin sewing.

Drop sewing machine needle into elastic and remove pin.
Drop sewing machine needle into elastic and remove pin.

To get the fabric to gather, you must stretch the elastic as you sew it into the “dress.”

Kiki Pull elastic
Pull elastic toward you.

It helps to pull on the fabric behind the needle to keep the fabric moving forward.  A specialty elastic foot can be used if available.

Sew around the entire top opening and overlap elastic.
Sew around the entire top opening and overlap elastic.

Secure end of elastic with extra stitches.  Cut away excess elastic.

Finished Dress
Finished Dress

The original Kiki wears legging shorts in the story book.  This dress is long enough to not need leggings.

Enjoy the process.  We’d love to hear from you and receive photos of your Kiki dolls.  Would you like a tutorial on how to make Kiki’s leggings?


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