Move over…

October 24th was a big day here.  The long arm took a ride to the new shop.  It’s up and running – tested before our technician left the building and ready for the first project in its new home.  I must admit, the corniness of my photo narrative was exceeded by the butterflies I got realizing how much my little big machine means to me.

2011-01-06 20.03.16Going for a ride with

2011-01-06 20.03.26Said I’d give them a shout-out.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

2011-01-06 21.19.54Bare naked, but not for long…

2011-01-09 00.16.49It’s kind of like camping out right now and hard to be in two places at once.

2011-01-09 00.44.54Borders go on the next quilt up.

2011-01-09 02.03.06Quilt’s on…without skipping a beat.


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