Tel Aviv

street Y + O

shuk back alleybauhaus1

The white city has gone gray over time.  Once-pristine sandstone buildings show years of wear and tear on their faces.  Renovation is rampant – indicator of a culture not ready to cave in amidst the struggles of middle eastern existence.  Life – chaim – is everywhere.

I just returned from another powerful visit.  Reflecting, I focus on the beauty of paradox, the fine thread of “either-or”  that permeates this wonderful city.

October breezes from the Mediterranean, soften the humidity.  It is pleasantly cool in the mornings and evenings with enough warmth to enjoy a day seaside or wandering, walking, sun steady. A seasonal array of flora dress the sidewalks.  Growth continues as does incessant pruning of giant-leafed greens.  I step over it, looking down, then up, not to miss nature’s show of color and shape and the hand of anonymous artists – tel aviv their canvas.

This is some of what my eye and my camera caught…

flower 1

flower 2


shuk fruit

street couple

street dachshund street dali

street expresso pot

street flower

street footprint

street heart

street kissing couple

street little guy

street mug

street skelton

So sad to leave…


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