Loose Ends and Beginnings

Day off…or not really, but the relaxed coffee sipping and vintage patch pressing have serenity built in.  And so I have been gathering my thoughts about the pile of stitching that needs to be given a moment of serious appreciation for having taken the time, for having the opportunity to honor the quiet amidst the noise of days.

I rarely, can’t remember the last time I brought a work-project home so that I could get it done.  Too many interruptions at the shop – some days .  This restoration deserves my undivided attention.   The more patches I repair, the more frayed cloth I discover.  Sad to see fabric disintegrate with time and loving use. But joyful in it’s story of worn edges and recycled secrets.

So today I will

press a few more diamonds
sew the remaining repairs


DSCN0566  DSCN0569 DSCN0570

put backs on some stitching
     DSCN0582 appreciate slow work
remember patience and my stories
love old cloth
celebrate possibility
celebrate possibility





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