Dye Love

My talented friend Nancy, from Vagabond’s Daughter, invited a few of us to experiment with onion skins as a dyeing agent on eggs.  Nancy provided a variety of natural resists, such as parsley and fennel and we applied  yellow and red onion skins to the uncooked eggs, tied into the stretchy hug of pantyhose.  I brought a silk scarf from a previous lime-green dye day , and shibori-ed the scarf with eggs and rubber bands.  There was also a pot of red cabbage with blueberries that yielded the dark gray eggs.

Natural Resists
Natural Resists
I was able to fit 8 eggs into the scarf.
Onion Soup with Cheesy Croutons for lunch
Expresso Beverage
Expresso Beverage
Still Soaked
Glorious Color
Lace Resists to Recycle
One egg succumbed to the pressure.
The scarf as table cloth

Egg salad on the menu.


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