I’ve been in the process of quilting some tops for Lauren Cotton of The Cotton Press.  She dropped by yesterday, when we got to talking about her blog and I thought about sharing this.

Lauren dyes and prints all her own fabrics on quite a grand scale.  Sometimes two, three or even four overdyes and prints that add to the depth and richness of color and print.  Her amazing quilts are one-of-a-kind grids, some giant-sized.

Close-up of a yummy orange-y quilt I just finished.

I like to show off the backs because they become two-sided beauties for the owner.

Focus on the colorful flowers.   The daisies in the background are the quilting.

Lauren picked up the two I finished and the third in this series is loaded on the Gammill frame: today’s work. Check out
The Cotton Press Studio and get a look at the giant quilt she poses in front of.  That’s the one I’ll be working on next.  And get a look at how all these beautiful fabrics come to life.

So big it doesn’t fit into the picture.

Top corner, a peek at the back.

the back
Different colorway of print used in front on this quilt. (Close-up)

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