Why dye?

There is something so magical about not knowing.  It’s a metaphor for life.  I wish I could always keep this in mind.

Today at the Quilter’s Alley, we dyed some cotton in a workshop that emphasizes color theory and color accident.  The results were glorious shades of autumn.

Soda ash and salt mordants

Ready to dye.

What colors do with each other

A quick color wheel lesson about mixing dye

mixed and ready

We used three different “reds” two “blues and an “off” yellow and avocado.   My previous workshops, focused on color theory.   This one was pure fun.

autumn in the air

My student was brilliant.  She had no fear of the outcomes, and the results were more than glorious. We missed you, Harriet.  (It’s always better with more minds in the room.)

Ombre surprises from fuchsia to carmine

Direct dye

I wanted the wrinkles to do the work.  I had this piece of muslin all tangled and twisted in the wash cycle.  Those peaks and valleys yield great texture.  I can’t wait until it dries.

bundle revealed

Last week’s bundle with gunmetal dye was opened today.  Hints of brown show from the twigs and leaves I wrapped.  More will emerge/oxydize in the next couple of days.  Can you say “metamorphosis?”   Oh, joy!

Want more on how to do this?  Comment!


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