From Hapazome Saturday with Vagabond’s Daughter to Happy Reunion with my dear friend after five long months.

First we stitched, then we bundled then we took a walk which led to the real fun.

I wish I had pictures of the two of us combing the edge of the Summit for wildflowers.  Laurie climbed the fence while I walked along with Nellie, holding the bouquet.  We saw a tiny toad in the grass and experienced the wonder of two grown women acting like girls again.  This show you how steep and what we were after.

I had so much fun at the Hapazome workshop that I had to share….

Our flower palette  is on the right.

Unfolding the surprise after pounding the flowers

After giving mine a tea bath, a lot of the pinks disappeared.  The subtle traces of stems and leaves is still beautiful and I put it to work as soon as it was dry.


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