Foraging Fall

The wood that Nancy brought to hang the pieces was beautiful, too.

Surprises abounded with orange emerging from fire bush and berries exploding randomly into the cloth.

She boiled concord grapes that she culled from a roadside car stop and mixed earth pigments for direct painting onto these organic beauties.  I watched in wonder and caught the excitement of how autumn can give its natural gift in the life cycle of plants.

Grapes on the fire

I tasted a grape that brought me back to childhood and my grandmother’s wine.  The kids got to eat the goodies at the bottom of the jar.

We were at Terrain in Westport – an eden in our midst.  There is no way you can’t be inspired by every season and its beauty.

Artifacts in nature

White pumpkins tick my monochromatic box.

We gathered from around the garden.  Everything here is plain pretty.

Trellises, screens, tomato stakes – pretty!
Trough ala slop sink fountain
Hapazome – the project. Pummel pigment into cloth.

Another way to dye.  And a great stress reliever.  I felt like I was in the land of drumming rhythms.

You should try this.  I am a Vagabond’s  step-daughter today.


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