Fall Crop

Fifteen-yard bolt

From the Dorr Mill Store

Torn into one-yard pieces
Damp and folded after first washing
Cushing Dyes
Ready to be torn into 1/3 yards

Notebook from previous dyeing sessions, open for reference.

I run a cool color pot.
And a warm color pot

Notice the steam on this pot.  The water is simmering the whole time.  Depending on the color I want I measure the water in inches and usually use a full  packet for the most intense color.  The red pot was at about two inches.  The blue had more like 3 or 4 inches.

I keep the colors separate in litter pans.

The first piece will be the darkest, taking up most of the dye.  The later pieces get lighter.  Great if you want a range of value in the same color.  The water will be clear if you  immerse enough fabric.

Blues and Turquoise. The lavender one is a late blue dip. Really!
Mint Green in Turquoise bath

I added a touch of Old Gold to the green and got some really nice avocado and limey tones.

Out of the dryer

Each color group is rinsed and spun separately.   I love this part, I’m almost done.


Now to clean up the kitchen and put these babies into beautiful color groups.  They will be available at the Quilter’s Alley and on Etsy.


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