Today, Nancy, who I have posted on Pinterest more than once, was in to drop off another quilt for quilting   She is always inspiring because of the time, thought and care she  devotes to each project  – and there have been many.

I want to share some of her process ( a truly amazing glimpse into her sketchbook) that happens before the actual quilt is made and delivered to the Quilter’s Alley for quilting.

I think I am fascinated by the scale of the mock-ups because I love miniature so much, but also because she leaves no patch unturned in her effort to create meaningful gifts for her friends and family.  Enjoy!

This is her next baby quilt to be quilted.  She tested out the scale on her sewing machine, of a design I’ve done for her before.

She determines the proportion of color with a swatch card and makes a mini quilt to see if it works.

She makes numerous notes in a sketchbook to keep the plan organized and to figure out how much fabric she needs.

She uses Cherrywood Hand-Dyes for many of her quilts.

These are the minis for the three twin-sized quilts she is making or has made for her   Isabel, Vivian and Jane.


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