Hand Maids

I have the most creative friends.  The interaction goes deep, to imagination and things unworldly.  The relationships are powerful and sustaining.  This week I documented what lives on the design wall,

A "threads of meaning" piece for me
A new skirt for my trip to tel aviv
Another pillow

But more remarkable were the two gifts I didn’t expect from two friends – both hand made from the soul.

My newest angel-guide

A story quilt about trusting change.  Every stitch was laid down intuitively.  The precious stones have power and meaning.  The cloth is hand dyed Cherrywood.

Silken beauty!

I am a scarf person.  Scarves are my jewelry.  Somehow, the Vagabond’s Daughter, knew that I love neutral as much as I do color.

It’s remarkable how the peach and taupetones work with my new skirt.

Her labels are as beautiful as the subtle colors that emerge from her dye pot.


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