Introducing – “On the Design Wall”

I had every intention of adding a post yesterday, er two days ago – my day off from the shop.  I shouldn’t complain but a day isn’t enough to fit in all the things I want to do to catch up on my art.  I started out at 7am, which in the days since we’ve moved has become my normal wake-up time – even earlier.     I’m enticed  by my new creative space and just loving being awake and aware to my whole house, after a long wait to get here.  I don’t even get coffee first, which was my usual habit.  The sunlight in the sewing studio calls me  brightly to attention.  It is east-facing, very zen, I suppose, and full of all things I love: books, art supplies, fabric, my computer.

I had this idea  to start a Pinterest board called “On the Design Wall” now that I have one.  I installed it this week – nine feet tall by ten feet wide.  So here goes….

Pretend that’s me in the corner without my head.  The wall is huge.

Here’s a closeup of the pillow in the picture.  All hand dyed with some hand stitching and a piece of vintage navy lace that finally found a home after years of stashing it.

I purchased these colorful 9″ zippers to make myself lots of skirts this spring and summer.

I finished another Daiwabo Taupe pillow sham to sell in my Etsy shop.   Last if the scraps.

But I digress….Here is the design wall in use.  Hoping for endless ideas in cloth.

Some Cherrywood scraps, shibori and other hand dyes

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