Mood Indigo

I’m a self-professed “not a blue person.”  But, blue fabrics, prints are the most popular color for quilters.  As a shop owner, I’ve noticed this as a clear-cut fact.   However, in recent years, true blue fabric has been very lacking in the collections of most of the contemporary designers.  More often, they opt for turquoise-y shades. There are a few exceptions, especially if a designer has a blender collection which likely has one light blue or navy.  But we generally look high and low for a good blue sometimes.

I’m reconsidering my preference for green after my Indigo day this week.  I discovered pre-reduced indigo in the Jacquard catalog and just had to give it a go since my budding plants are struggling to grow a third leaf, it seems.  (I haven’t given up! nor do I minimize Jude’s recent success with the real thing!)

With pre-reduced indigo, you simply mix the crystals with water if you want a short term dye bath.  The instructions get a bit more intense if you plan to keep the dye more than a day.  So I mixed a 1/2 gallon tub which pretty much was gone with the few yards of cotton I colored in it. The results are phenomenal.  Well, maybe not so if I had used my grown up leaves, but let me tell you, still pretty amazing.

I used white and pale yellow cotton, overdyed a brownish piece from the dye class, organdy, vintage muslin and other…

I pre-wet,  pre-mordanted,  dipped and loosely bundled with rubber bands…

I am thrilled with my not-so-scientific results, but have more experiments ahead.

I found Vinyl gloves that actually kept the dye off my hands for a change.  No kidding, not all surgical gloves can handle water.


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