Little Bits

I got thinking about what my friend Nancy and I were talking about the other day.  We were saying how the summer is almost gone and we feel unfulfilled in our accomplishments.  So I went around taking photos of everything I’ve recently done that don’t amount to one BIG thing, however..

a pretty successful tea-dyed bundle

You may not be able to see the places where the little leaves resisted the tea, but I know my bundling is improving ever so slightly.

foamcore loom and serger leftovers

Sergers leave some mighty-good strips, and Sheila Hicks was in the shop this week.  (There are many, many more links for her retrospective.)
And a post I mentioned her in last year. (scroll to bottom)

yellow with a plastic fruit bag resist
using newly-dyed and other

made from same scraps

Have I made my point, yet?

Go see what Nancy didn’t do this summer.

Experiments and play and generosity count!


6 thoughts on “Little Bits

  1. Oh just lovely! I especially love the foam core loam and serger leftovers, but you know those are my colors. hehehe. So really didn’t do alot this summer, just wonderful!

  2. I do an awful lot of nothing, too. I like the idea of just adding all these bits and bobs to your stash. You never know when they will add up to something very big. I love your work, Roxanne!!! I want to come up and play sometime…

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