When I dye

I am crazy happy when I dye.  I am even crazy-happier when I teach people to dye.   Last Friday, we had a remarkable day – beautiful weather, beautiful people gathered to play and discover color.  It was a well-contained mess.  Tarps all over the classroom.  I decided to keep it inside because it was closer to a water source and less humid, but we hung our newly-hued pieces in the outdoors with lots of curiosity and comment from our neighboring shops.  I felt like we were bringing this craft to light again.  Comments concentrated on “tie-dyeing” mostly, but we were happy to be creating awareness that it’s all still alive and it’s not the ’70’s.

ready, set
dilute, stir
blue spoon




2 thoughts on “When I dye

    1. I know. It’s so easy, but as one of my students said, she just needed the push to get started. I think seeing me demo makes them realize it’s not so mysterious.
      What I’m doing now is exploring natural dyes because I am such a fan of organic colors and printing with petals.

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