Summer Show Recap

Just a quick review of late July, early August that has kept us so busy packing, traveling, setting up, tearing down, more traveling and not blogging so much.

Lowell Images 2011

The quilt in the center is all Cherrywood  hand-dyed fabrics.  Thanks, Nancy, for letting us hang it in the booth.  It’s amazingly beautiful!

thai break with fabritique

Marian (Tom not in photo)  of Fabritique and Stu enjoying some rest and restaurant.  Marge of Maine-ly Sewing was next to the photog and not captured in any pictures.  Bruce wasn’t there. (see below)

dad and girl

Ally met us there to help out in the booth and with the dogs (not shown)

more thai

Kathie Alyce (specialty rulers and quilt design) with Stu.  Great idea for dinner!  It’s hard not to fit in some fun stuff when you bump into the same nice people from show to show.

Maine Quilts…..Augusta, ME

double booth

I hate towing
Bruce's yard
some good clean yankee-red socks stuff
and Bruce still cooked us (family-caught) lobster for dinner

Thanks for your hospitality folks.


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