Indigo Little

There is something so sweet about growing a plant from seed.  I haven’t done it in a long time.  Mostly because I haven’t enough time and my patience is used on everything else.

Two weeks ago: I ordered some indigo seeds.

One week ago: They arrived from across the Atlantic – in a small padded envelope.  I looked inside the envelope and almost didn’t find my indigo seeds.  I was surprised to see how tiny they are and how few there were.  12  And how precious that makes them, especially if I have plans to grow and harvest leaves for blue dye.

This week: I waited for each seed to expand after soaking and have now planted nine, each in it’s individual cell.  (I’ve learned that they are delicate for transplant.) I realized after reading that indigo likes heat, that my kitchen counter may be chilly to Indigo, while comfortable for me in this heat wave.  I put them outside, hoping they will love the warmth and humidity and germinate into healthy little sprouts.

temporary starter home
cute baby sprout

I can’t believe it…  now I have two sprouts,the one above now turned upright  and another, all today!
I do this as an experiment, of course, always with the likelihood of some level of failure, although I am never sorry because I always learn something.  I may learn that I should just buy blue dye in a box or I may learn something that will make a great story in my August dye workshop.


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