new world -yea!

This week I had an opportunity to participate in the Aldrich Museum,New World Kids Camp by being the “real world” Shape person.  The philosophy of collect, explore and create uses the Sensory Alphabet ( the more tangible of the elements and principles of design) to name a concept and experience it  with play and other.

On Wednesday, I stopped by to observe Gary Lichtenstein create screen prints of letters using the primary colors on “Color” Day.  I could have been one of the six-year-olds, I was so excited to be watching color blend into it’s rainbow.

Can you say squee...gee

Today I presented lots of shapes in quilts with an accompanying story to get the dialog going.

Pretty good attention considering they had just had gummy shapes for snack.

stars, houses, circles
nap time?

They couldn’t resist the inclination to try out my soft blankies.

what can you make with shapes?

I stuck around to see the children make self-portraits with fabric shapes I brought.  What amazes me is how spontaneous kids are with random materials. I love watching this happen.

self-portraits in process

Lengths of selvage became shape makers turned seating plan, turned, stop tying your buddy up!

They're speaking my language!

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