Friday (Fri-dye)

In anticipation for my day “off,” I have been collecting bits of nature for the big Fri-dye.

So around the garden, dead heading what nature rained out this last week, my beautiful peonies, which barely had a chance and the prolific pansies all about.

I found some threads from another scavenge, great resist material, have a new batch of Cherry-Hibiscus-Tisane tea from SerinDipiTea, and whatever else comes my way by the time I get out the dye pot.   I’ll be experimenting today with pre and post mordanting- probably with soda ash, since I have it. We’ll see what happens.

Various tea solutions
Steeped Rose and Peony Petals
Procion Golden Yellow + Carmine
Cabbage boil


Making more acid-y
Beautiful blue-green


Red Cabbage Water
Pre-dyed, Pre-mordanted Red Cabbage My alltime favorite color!
Plain old black tea

I have a project in mind for some of the pieces I made today.  Stay tuned!!!


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