Mother Lode

Somebody’s mother never threw away even the tiniest scrap.  and I got them all, every last delicious thread.  I took home a 13 gallon bag of surprises from the flea market yesterday and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening, washing and washing again and ironing every last piece.

I have the attitude that if it doesn’t make it through the wash(gentle cycle), it won’t last long in anything I make from it.  I also never bring unwashed to my stash.  Everything is on a level field for stitching that way and smells pleasant when you’re working with it, too.

Ironing every little piece made me familiar with what I have.  I am very excited about all the vintage prints – 30’s to 60’s and am imagining a scrap quilt – somehow in my spare time.  I was delighted to imagine what the mystery seamstress was making.  Like my blog banner, pieces were cut and the negative spaces are ghosts of the various garments and quilt projects that happened long ago.

Now that it’s mostly dry and pressed, I’m sorting by size of pieces.  What to do with the 1 1/2″ square-ish gem of a print?  Oh, let me think….

I am a happy maker today.


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