Our open door has received many blessings over the five years we’ve had our shop.  So many people have touched our lives in passing and on a much deeper level.  This makes for sadness, at times, and equal joy.  Thanks to all who have participated.

One phenomenon that recurs is themes-in threes. In one week, the theme was hope in the shape of three visitors who are making quilts for three separate causes, because they care.  It started with a lesson with two ladies who are creating a quilt for Juvenile Diabetes Research in Fairfield County.  I was thrilled to be part of this design because it was so artful and full or hand dyed raw materials for the project by the children themselves.

A second person needed advice on how to construct a “helping hands”  quilt for the Neighbor’s LInk in Mt. Kisco, NY.  I love when I can make the project seem so simple and possible.  I am amazed how many people use quilts to tie things together.

So as the theme of the week progressed, (CT Challenge works to support cancer survivorship,)  another quilt, using photos, is in the works. I can’t wait to see it! and I’ll share it, of course.

Neighbors Link Quilt

Neighbor’s LInk helps train participants in skills for future jobs…  Sewing and quilting among these.

A Night in the Tropics

The strips were numbered so they could be sewn into a sunset.

Right before trimming

On the quilting frame

Ready for the auction, well, almost!


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