Project of the week by far was the recreation – from vintage-inspired faux fur – for a Laverne Lily Chair that one of our customers owns.  In our construction discussion, he nixed the zipper. Also, no polyfil here.  The pillows are filled with rags. I had no idea what I was working with.  So I built a template, muslin pillow forms and two furry chair pads that look quite like the pictures.

We also had a a very unusual quilt dropped off by one of our neighboring shop owners.  It has the most amazing burlap-y back and plaid top, built over an earlier quilt that isn’t quite as interesting.  We researched it but there is nothing around quite like it.




I want some of this in my stash.  It would make a great coat!


Some other projects worth mentioning…

Amy wanted modern quilting on this old favorite.
Traditional feathers in process
Lots of threads to tie off with custom work - sorry!


Hope Gangloff is an amazing artist. This piece is hanging at the Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield.  I was honored to be asked to teach a workshop based on Hope, her textile imagery, her use of pattern and fabric stitching and storytelling.  It’s the first in a series of six which will reflect topics of future exhibits.


This is Kathryn's BEACH Quilt.

We’re hoping for warm weather any way we can.


2 thoughts on “Museumable

  1. That Laverne Lilly chair is very cool. Guess I recognize this since it’s from 60’s!! Love that custom quilt with many threads

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