Perfect Fit

I’ve been collecting photos from our latest Kenneth D. King workshop:  The Moulage.  A two-outfit workshop!

Before you can build a pattern, you must take all your measurements.  This one looks painful but serves to define the neckline and from where to measure down.

Then we donned our tights to get an accurate measurement of the figure.  Using the term figure was confusing as Ecole Guerre Lavigne’s definition of figure is the bust.  Not here!

Note:  These are all different figures.  The beauty of a pattern making course is that you can look great in your clothes with any figure.

Students spent the day drafting the front and back of a torso “sausage casing.”

A visit from Kenneth cannot go without noticing his attire.

He keeps moving!  The jeans are an amazing linen-toile-ish fabric.  The boots match perfectly.

From week 2:


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