Weeks fly

With the holidays upon us, weeks seem to slip by . When I feel overwhelmed by projects, I try to look back at what the week allowed me to accomplish – with the help of friends, of course.

I spent Monday at a curves workshop with Dianne Hire.  My Singer 301 crept along early in the day, trying to get a true 1/8″ seam.  Then I let go as I realized that the curve just falls into to place it you just coax it gently and I picked up momentum.  Before the workshop ended I had more than the 24 prescribed, Letter A blocks.    My pile of scraps, a bit scrapier, but all for good.  I loved my muddy color scheme – of japanese bits. As I square up the blocks, it will become a miniature, which is perfect for my right now, big project load.

I’m so glad to have a new camera.  I would forget so much without it.   This week, Nancy and Patty came for all-day girl sewing and we manage to make a baby quilt, a doll quilt and a doll pillow.  They’re  now in the line up for quilting.


Nancy on the 301

Carolyn finished her first blouse.  I love how her young hands meet the old machine.  I should mention, how she rose to the challenge of controlling the speed for the sake of craftsmanship.


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