This week…

It is good to be away and great to return. This trip to Market was very focused.  It is so exciting to see the new stuff each season.  And to buy some new products and prints that might make sewing easier and more fun.

I met Kristian A. Howell, my new favorite designer.  I had purchased some of her prints last Spring, but she was around this time.  So cute, so fun to meet! And I almost left out talented.  Her prints for Anthology are so gorgeous.  I can’t wait to get them in the shop.

I saw Kate Spain, Liesl Gibson, Patricia Bravo to name  a few of my old faves.  Their new collections are ravishing, but so far from delivery, I’m sad.  And sad that I have no photos yet. I’ll post more as I get it.

Over the weekend, I held my Color Lab class – very well attended.

I love turning people on to the theory behind how color works.  Whether quilting or painting, it is an invaluable tool.

They intently followed my directions for using an art masterpiece or a fabric to inspire a quilt or color way.

Proportion is a big piece of the design philosophy. I’ve culled materials from the finest color gurus…bibliographic credits given.

Carine loves color; it’s obvious.

Colored pencils everywhere.  They blend so beautifully.



Color Lab 2 is in the works.  These ladies proceded to put the theories into practice, by pulling bolts of fabric for the hypothetical quilt. Wish I had a shot of the shop after that.

More on color:  Libby finally finished her daughter’s quilt.

Jay brought in a show and tell.

My coat commission is almost ready for delivery.  The front is just as interesting.

And Sara finished her literature project, using fabrics from the shop to make an all-iron-on quilt.  A+, Sara.


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