Hottest Quilt Shop in Town

And I’m not just talking about Kenneth D. King.  We arrived at the Quilter’s Alley a bit early to prepare for his arrival and that of the anxious students.

We had visitors from Maine, Mystic, CT and Manhattan to name the greatest distances travelled.  Marge, who owns Maine-ly Sewing drove in overnight after hosting an event at her own shop the day before.  Cassie, who arrived from Mystic with her Husband and Pup, retreated to her car until the area was cleared for entry by the Ridgefield Fire Dept.   A real deja vu of the fire we had three years ago at the old  Alley.

Checking out the gas leak
Check out the jeans!
In the house....surreal!
and yet, so real!
making skirt patterns
Waistbands and Pleats

Kenneth fails to disappoint.  He is chock full of information and stories.  We ended the day with more than when we started.  It was definitely the “illusion of perfection.”

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