In a nutshell

Our beginner quilting class made their versions of my pattern Nest which is perfect for beginners because it’s so easy.  All types of fabrics made for a variety of quilt results.  The women seemed to have a good time even though it looks like they’re struggling.  Remember your first machine quilting experience?  We actually got to instructions on binding, but may reconvene for the actual process.  This was a great group that I hope I seem more of.


Kaffe Fassett inspires this quilt.

Our new Anthology fabric line

Then there was quilting.  Right in season, I finished the Halloween King with  shams.

Vintage Halloween

This is an interpretation of my Tipping Point Pattern.  Nancy used lots of Cherrywood Fabrics.  The solid colors allow for very prominent quilting.

The center is random 2 1/2" squares.

Nancy puts so much thought into her work.  The bumper pads she was matching couldn’t handle the original strippy design, so she came up with this.

And on the back…

She let me have at the quilting with my freehand designs. So much fun!

Oliver & S    City Weekend from Moda has arrived.  I can’t wait to make an outfit out of one of the prints in one of her children’s patterns.

2" doesn't do them justice.
I wish I could get the whole collection. They are so beautiful.
Too delicious to cut!

And now, in an effort to develop more patience, my erosion bundle.   I rolled flower pods, fabric, metal, leather in what looks like a Party Popper.  It took a few days to gather what I think might erode beautifully. Then another couple of days to find a place for it outside.  It is hanging from  a cut-off branch of a giant pine tree in my front yard.  From time to time, I’ll take a photo of it changing.


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