Maine Event

We just returned from  the Maine Quilt Show in Augusta.  Everyone is so proud to be from Maine that their businesses are all called Maine-ly something – hence my slightly cliche title.  This was probably the biggest turnout of quilters we’ve seen.  And the most quilts hung…about 500.  We were situated next to Mainely Sewing Machines, the local Husqvarna Viking dealer.  Jean Libby is very knowledgeable about the product.  What we look forward to most about these  “work-cations”  are the folks we’ve begun to call family away from home.   And, in Maine,  the weather, and the views

and… the Lobster.

We traveled about 45 minutes to a remote spot on the map to the headquarters of Maine-ly Sewing.  We shared a meal prepared by Marge,(lots of potatoes, modest about the asparagus) Bruce (sign maker at large), Trish (fabulous folk artist of Attic Heirlooms) and Davis (lobster fisherman extraordinaire).  Sew Batik, Fabritique and Continental Airlines were also represented.

almost an airstrip
We won't tell what happened to this sign.
Bruce H. and Davis rushing to the feast
Them's gooood potatoes!!!!
Fisherman Dave

Trish, Marge, Marion(back), Tom, Stuart, Diane, Bruce
View from the deck

We make it look easy.  Next week……Lowell, Mass.


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