Class with a King

It’s impressive when the teacher is a well-known couture designer.  More so, when he is awaiting the arrival of his new students.  No grand entrances here, only real person, real people skills and real talent in the field of fashion.  Our pant pattern drafting class is sensational.  Mary and I trek to Manhattan to work with  Kenneth D. King for five Tuesday evenings at SewFastSewEasy.  The course is demanding with lots of technical details to digest and a pleasant amount of Kenneth’s “reverie.”  He is a fabulous story teller and has many to share. And he encourages photographs.

Here is a miniature diagram of a pants pattern that Kenneth demonstrates on.

He has a sincere interest in each student and makes great eye contact.

The notes are complicated and he takes us through – demonstrating step by step.

Here, Kenneth works with Mary.

I didn’t get a shot of his fabulous pony skin shoulder bag, but I’ll get a hold of one.  The hand stitching gave me chills.  He said is was an old leather-work stitch, so casually.  Research!

We have to cut our muslins this week for homework.  Oh, and he may come to the Quilter’s Alley to teach.

Please comment if you would like to have a workshop with Kenneth.  The moulage, skirt, draping, dress, jacket or making a pattern from your favorite existing garment.  Which class do you want?


One thought on “Class with a King

  1. Kenneth King’s classes are truly great. I am an advance sewer, but yet I always attend his classes. So if you can, please take a class with him because Kenneth is sharing and always allow photos at each stage. I recently took Kenneth’s jacket class and it was very informative. I would love to take classes at your shop, however I live in NJ. Highly recommend Kenneth.

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