Show Off

This past weekend – from Thursday thru Monday- we visited Chantilly, VA to vend our wares.  The photos below are some moments captured for posterity.
Our booth turned out well after  hours of planning,  packing and primping.  Quilts were hung, fabrics stacked, patterns ready for hungry shoppers.    Everyone worked overtime to make it happen…well…

Down Under was the biggest hit!
On the Grid and a bit of Star Struck
Here's Star Struck and a bit of Denyse Schmidt's Single Girl
Asian Fabrics on our makeshift trolley
We found our banner
just kidding - he didn't want this in the post.
Bye Dulles Center/ Carol
Trish with Refreshments - mind you, it was 90 and humid.
We helped Attic Heirlooms pack up.
Attic Heirloom's beautiful wools
Making the most of the creature comforts
We took 2 1/2 hours, they took 4 to pack up.
Sunrise 5:15am Monday on our way home
Putting it all back in place

While we were gone, the sewing continued.

Thanks for sharing, Shelley!


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