Two Weekends (and the week between)

When I’m busy entertaining and working, working and entertaining, blog posts go on hold for a bit.  The photos stay in the camera a bit longer than usual, but the camera is always present (someone’s).

Without further delay, here are Ally and her friends who visited the last weekend of April.

Saturday AM
Rebes, Erica, Jordan, Ally

After Sunday Brunch
with Gracie
They brought us this beautiful color-wheel plate.

They even sent a “thank you” note.  What manners!

Sunday after Brunchand the guy.

I wish I had a shot of the assembly-line t-shirt quilt making.

Later that day…Justine finished her quilt.

Much hard work and love went into this.

Then, during the week…

Carole's quilt on the long arm frame
Carole's quilt finished.
Mrs. C's Redwork
Another pretty quilt pieced and quilted
Another pretty quilt quilted
Vintage quilt, new quilting design

Then this past weekend, the Northern Star Quilt Guild Show…

We sold lots of WonderFil Thread

Lots of Cherrywood Hand Dyes
A couple of Husqvarna VIKINGS

A friendly vendor barbecue (Jim’s camera)   The ribs were prepared on Friday night to save time.  On Saturday, some of the guests arrived before we did.
We were all very hungry.

The chef and his burgers
The guests (minus the camera guy)

The camera guy

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