Super (Bowl) Birthday

Our baby turned 24 last Saturday and as soon as we finished our Super Bowl Sale at the shop (44% off of one cut, any fabric in the shop) we’re headed to Newton, MA to celebrate with Ally and Adam and his folks (the moving team), and curl up to watch the super bowl.  I am no edge-of-my-seat participant in this event.

So, here are some of the highlights of our 24 hours in Massachusetts.

Not my card to Ally
Really pretty bowls before the wing sauce
Sightseeing in Boston---very cold...
Before I lost Ally's hat

Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared for outdoor activity.  Those are Adam’s mittens and Ally’s scarf, too.

Not a bad mosaic

Quincy Market.

No words can describe it, except...

Oldest Restaurant in US, I think?
Thickest chower in US...yes!
Thickest chowder in US...definitely!

Coolest booth to sit at in US...#18

We discussed who else might have sat here with JFK.

My new hat?

So we had a really amazing time and tour and lots of memory making.  The perfect stuff of birthdays!


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