Almost a how-to

We had this bare piece of plywood covering the half-wall between the register and the office area.  It’s the perfect place for our credit card machine and a calculator, since our cash register takes up a good part of our register table now. (We’re still feeling our way a bit in the new shop.)

So we went to Home Depot (the tile guy was very helpful)  for some tile, decided to get a one-inch mosaic, because we have no cutting tools, redi-mixed glue and grout and three square feet of a cute copper glass that looked really cool on the sample board at the store.

Here’s how it went:

Measured out the mosaic sheets

I had to cut a couple of rows off each sheet, but they became my counter edge (not shown).

Applying the mastic

The trowel was the perfect width for this little job.

Placing the precut sheets on the mastic

Then I pressed on them a bit and could feel the tile mesh sink into the glue for a good grip.

I had to be super-neat because of all the office stuff around.  A small job is quick, but also a challenge.

Almost done

I thought I had a photo of the edge and all the beautiful grouting I did.  But it looks amazing and all the home improvement shows I’ve watched were worth it.

“The Quilter’s Alley; we’re more than just quilting.” has new meaning.


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