On the horizon

This is the front of our new shop.

At this point, the moving sign is down and most of the prior tenant’s materials have been removed.  We are just waiting for the key.

But on Monday, Ironwood was nice enough to let us bring the Gammill over.  Brian from Cowles Quilting drove all the way from Vermont at our request to make a proper move.

Loaded on to Brian's extended-bed truck

The sewing head was in the passenger cab.

My Gammill's new corner of the world
We were leaving her safely, reassembled and in good hands

Art has always brought me good karma and our new home is infused with that spirit already. We will build on this, but can we have it looking okay by the 2nd?  See you there.  Let’s make something!


One thought on “On the horizon

  1. The shop looks great! It was fun to look through all the sale fabrics. I may have to make a second trip.
    Happy New Year and lots of good wishes for success in your new location.

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