The Quilter’s Alley is moving

Starting the day after Christmas, we will be packing up fat quarter packs and bolts to move our shop a mile north to a better location. We have been enduring more than a year of watching the site of our current shop, decline into a landscape of rubble.  No one feels more sympathetic than we do for the folks who lost their businesses to an arson in October 2008.  We reported on it back then, thankful to this day that we did not experience the same loss – having at one time occupied the burned out building.

But enough time and patience have  been spent waiting for unfulfilled promises of construction timelines. The site has been shut down by the state as I write this.

They can't get to our shop
They can't get to our shop

Foreboding signage about danger and hard hats blends into an attempt to direct people to our store with matching red ink and arrows.  Ironically, this is the most signage we’ve had since we opened, not that it can be deciphered as a welcome to the colorfully space we have lovingly carved out for the last three years. We have seen a steady decline in traffic since the demolition began a month ago, in perfect synch with the holiday season.   No consideration for small business is evident in the actions of our landlords.

So without regret, we are moving ahead in an effort to recapture some of the business we’ve inevitably lost because it looks like we’re closed.

We’re looking forward to the new shape of our business within a vibrant retail community.  We have lots simmering to ease the chill of Winter 2010.  We’re inviting even non-sewists to experience a project with fabric.  Our Tuesday drop-in sewing studio is expanding to Wednesdays as folks who do sew, continue to enjoy the company of others being creative.

See you at the Grand Re-Opening at 103 Danbury Rd. Ridgefield on January 2.  Yes, we will make it happen that fast!


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