Battery Recharged

The week back has me in perpetual motion.  Tuesday Sewing Group (which did very well without my help while I was gone) a private Paper Piecing Lesson, Free Motion quilting class, and sewing, quilting, sewing.  Several quilting commissions have come in this week, as I guess folks are preparing for holiday gift giving. We love this bustle of business and the creative work it involves.  Mary brought back lots of interesting new materials from Quilt Market in Houston.  My favorite gadget for our long arm work is a series of rings that interchangeably give quilting control at specific distances from the hopping foot.  She also continued to quilt in my absence.

I missed being there, but tel aviv took precedence this time.
I met so many amazing people while I was away.  I want to share this.  Picture walking out of your house, going to either corner, turning left or right and landing in the middle of the most amazing craft fair every Tuesday and Friday. Stop for a cafe at a sidewalk cafe.  Buy fabric at any number of delightfully crowded shops. Meet accomplished artists from around the world, sitting on folding chairs at their tables, selling the most amazing artwork (and some, not so amazing, but nevertheless, full of the flavor of the city.)


fabric1Kashi Textiles – where we found African-inspired fabrics.

to be a kitchen curtain


the best frozen coffee drink, ever!
I bought the photo he's holding.
I bought the photo he's holding.

Sandu Mandrea is the photographer.  His photos  (and his son’s) are amazing.


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