Where am I?

I know where, but some of my loyal followers are probably wondering where I’ve been.  That’s because I’ve been spending (too brief)  time with my Israeli daughter,( and my New England daughter, ) learning a new language, quilting, entertaining textile dignitaries, sewing, flea marketing and resizing all the photographs that document these activities.  Not time to post until now.

We’re excited that crisp autumn air is bringing people to their sewing senses and creativity is again in season.  The recently added fabrics are getting fabulous feedback and, with that, selling well.  The students are flocking for pillow and drawstring bag projects and we’re please to be collaborating for another year with the Ridgefield Consumer Science departments.

With Sundays off  this summer, we have taken to making up for all the tag sales we haven’t made it to in the last four years.  Hence, Elephant’s Trunk!   Our visit to Brimfield was actually an offshoot of this favorite diversion of ours.  This week I took the camera:

trunk1Some vendors create vignettes of home sweet home.

trunk3Most just put it all out there for the viewing.

trunk4Most stuff is used.

Trunk2Some stuff is unusual.  We have since added to our garden sculpture collection.  When you run out of room inside, dress outside. I was even motivated by our exterior decorating, to do some overdue pruning.  My poor, neglected garden!

Hi to (another) Roxy, our fave waitress, at the Windmill Diner, our after-flea breakfast spot.

On an indoor note: We were visited by one of the Metropolitan’s  Textile Curators.  Wow!  And she bought fabric.  “Which fabric?”  you ask.  The reproduction of the Brimfield circus print.  How interesting.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Textiles

Shara arrived on July something, something, a bit of a blur, a few short days until she flew to Phoenix and drove to Colorado.  I am happy she finally got to see the Grand Canyon on her way to friends’ wedding.  Love the shoe shot.

Here in no particular order:


New York, former roomie
New York, former roomie


We did some super cool cultural city things like MOMA.  An Israeli artist is installed there at the moment.  “Coincidence is the messenger of truth.”  And the coincidences just keep coming.  I love museums and am drowning in the artistic overflow at the moment.  No time, but to work.

Some of the inspiration:


Scraps of a China exhibit
Scraps of a China exhibit
What a paradox; he's amazingly disciplined!
What a paradox; he's amazingly disciplined!
Fiber overload!
Fiber overload!

I got to the city, said, “I want to buy something on the street,” saw an amazing artist who had original pieces that almost looked like quilts and I bought a beautiful blue and gold piece that I absolutely love, and discovered Martha Murphy.  I didn’t really discover her, but am now aware of her talent and love it.

Pieces of Israel, now in NJ
Pieces of Israel, now in NJ
Family Reunion
Family Reunion


Teddy Bears in my repertoire
Teddy Bears in my repertoire


So a few more quilts, good feedback, artistic license, stress and joy, the ever-persistent balancing act of life.


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