They’re Off…

This morning  (Sunday, the 31st) I started a very short photo journal of Ally and Kate preparing for  their trip to Israel.  I am happy.  I am sad.  My girls will be together tomorrow, after nine long months.  I am not with them.   Shara will meet  Ally and Kate at Ben Gurion Airport.  As I write, they are still lifted on wings of jet power.   But soon will be landing and hugging and bringing hugs from Momma and Daddy, too.  And then, Ally will go on her tour, and Shara promises to stalk the tour, so she can be near/with her sister.  

Kate & Ally


They repacked their bags in anticipation
They repacked their bags in anticipation
Okay, Moma, one more picture.
Okay, Deeds, one more smooch.

I documented their waking moments, the bags they will lug through Israel for the next week and hugs so-long until next week.  I had a bit of Israel for Mothers’ Day, too, but I’d much rather be on the plane with them.



One thought on “They’re Off…

  1. What a proud dady!!!
    And Roxy, I totally understand your feelings of sadness and happiness at the same time. But think they will be together and will have lots of fun!
    Love and Kisses,

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